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Welcome to lprconline, online presence of Living Proof Recovery Center, Arcadia/Monrovia, California. We're here to provide a different kind of resource for people interested in improving the quality of life for themselves, family members or friends.


Bringing the Strengths We Have to Benefit Others
Our Mission    
To focus our considerable energy and knowledge toward the relief of suffering, wherever we find it. Competence and Ethics are our cornerstones.

We commit to help our clients nurture and develop their own paths to the greatness we all possess.

"No less than the trees and the stars..."
Our Experience    

Serving the USA since 1994, our training began in the early 1980's with some of the most accomplished and trusted names in life enhancement. We enlist more than 50 years of combined clinical experience to help bring healing and hope.

Our program specializes in the treatment of co-occurring disorders such as Chemical Dependency, Codependency and Eating Disorders which occur simultaneously with Mood and Personality Disorders.

Certified by the California Department of Health Services, Providers for all major insurance company panels

We are honored to have received training from some of the more prominent clinicians in the Behavioral Health field today. Our Programs offer hope to family members, friends and employers through:

  • Loving, profoundly effective Intervention Services;
  • An Intensive outpatient treatment program;
  • Lab-verified drug screening to aid in the recovery from all disorders.
  • Psychiatric or Medical assessment/treatment (if indicated);
  • Access to free multi-family groups for graduates and families
Our Individual Practices    
Some who come to us in emotional, spiritual, mental or physical distress would-and often do-endure that distress rather than talk openly about it in a group.

Effective treatment dictates our responsibility: To meet the client at his or her level of crisis, impairment, trust or strength and help build a bridge to health in all areas.

There are situations in which individual attention is the only catalyst for a growth and self-determination. We are prepared for those situations.
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